Here are some guidelines for helping with the Traces of Darkness series. This is in no way a complete list it is a few
key guidelines to get started with. These will be updated as needed so check back and see what is new. Before you start on your
own episode please contact me so we can make sure that everything is covered so we don't have to fix anything later.

Guidelines for creating your own episode:

Episode length must be 15-23 minutes after fully editing.

No opening or closing credit text!
The credits need to be sent to us exactly how you would like them and we will edit them onto the video for you.
We are doing this in order to make each episode look like it belongs to the series so it will have our opening and closing
credit roll and all episodes will be the exact same.

*Note* If your film is already a complete work and is not able to be stripped of the credits that's fine we can work the series title
in before the original credits.

Absolutely no use of copywritten material such as music or video footage.

The episode can be created new or be a video that you have already produced.
Either case they will still have to be accepted by meeting the guidelines above and also meeting a quality check.
We are not going to be too harsh on the quality guidelines but we do want to make it look like it fits well within the series.

If you provide a full episode to the series you will be entitled to your cut of the earnings on DVD and Blu ray sales.
Depending on how many outside submissions we receive will depend on the percentage of sales you will get.

Episode may contain any amount of violence, language and nudity as long as it does not become a legal issue.
Mainly concerned with extreme forms of nudity crossing into pornography (contact us if you have questions).

You may use your submitted video for whatever you would like.
However you are giving Traces of Darkness/Seventh Plague Films
full rights to distribute the video within the boundaries of the Traces of Darkness series. Meaning we can put it on a DVD and Blu ray box set,
show on the web, and also show on television.

Again these are not all of the guidelines but hopefully this gives you an idea.

Guidelines for creating a script:

You can write a script and submit it for possible creation by our film production crew.

The script can be of the horror or sci-fi genre.

The length must translate into a 15-23 minute film.

We would highly appreciate written in script format but you can submit unformatted as well.

The script should only have 1-2 locations.

Should be limited to 1-5 characters/actors.

Practical effects only, no CGI will be used during the production.

By submitting a script you will not be eligible to receive any royalties from the series.

Remember while writing that these productions are low to no budget.

By submitting a script you give us complete rights to create the script into film and may not detract the script in the future.
However you still maintain your own right to do with the script whatever you will.

Again these are not all of the guidelines but hopefully this gives you an idea.

Wanting to be an actor or crew member on local (Oklahoma) production:

Feel free to contact us and we can work out a job and time for you.