First Completed Episode: Interview with a Podcaster

Premiers at Trail Dance Film Festival in Duncan, OK

Saturday January 29th 2:30 PM! 

What is Traces of Darkness?

Traces of Darkness is a new Horror and Sci-Fi web video series that is in development. It will be in episode format and the episodes will not have
anything to do with each other (such as Tales from the Crypt and Tales from the Darkside). Content will be provided from people all over the world but
the main production is based in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area. Seventh Plague Films along with other local filmmakers will be providing original
episodes and will be putting together the whole series. We are making this for the horror community to have a great original series to watch
on a regular basis that includes all of the things they like such as horror, monsters, blood, gore, boobs, you know all the good stuff.

How can you help?

We need help from everything from script writing, actors, crew, etc. We are also opening up this series for people all over the world to submit
an episode of their own to this series. All you have to do is follow some specific guidelines which you can look over by clicking here.

What are the future plans?

The plans possibly consist of making this into a local cable series if there is enough interest. Obviously we will have to edit some of the content
in order to get it played on television. We will also be putting out high quality DVD and Blu ray box sets of each season.

We need help with logos and graphics!

If you are willing to make a logo or any kind of graphics to help us out with the website and promotional materials
we will gladly compensate with free T-Shirts and DVD's (sorry we are focusing most of our funds on our many episodes being filmed).
Just contact us to get details on what we need.